Sonus Faber Amita's: Is my room big enough?


My room is 24 feet long, 11.5 feet in width and the ceiling is 7.5 feet high.

I use a Krell 400cx power amplifier and my main sources are a Wadia 861SE CD player, a Clearaudio Ambient turntable and a Magnum Dynalab MD 108 tuner. I connect the Wadia directly to the Krell 400cx power amplifer - the Ambient and the 108 tuner are connected via a Krell KCT pre-amplifier.

I am going to audition some Sonus faber Guarneri Memento loudspeakers on Monday. This will be interesting as I have not heard Sonus Faber speakers for a few years now. Any feedback on the Guarneri's would be greatly received.

In truth I have always rather liked the look of the Sonus Faber Amati Homage or Sonus Faber Amati Homage Anniversario loudspeakers. I could not afford the Amita's new but a number of second hand pairs are now becoming available.

I suspect, based on posts I have read, my room is not large enough for the Amita's - hence the reason I am initially going to listen to the Guarneri speakers. Is anyone using the Sonus Faber Amati Homage speakers in a room of similar size to mine? What are your thoughts?

I currently use Hyperion 938 speakers which I think are very good. However, my wife is not so impressed with the way they look and "for an easy life" I am considering getting some speakers which are more "pleasing to the eye" - hence the reason I am considering the Sonus Faber range. However, I do want to get loudspeakers which are better than the 938's.

Any feedback greatly apreciated.

Hi Paul,
Take it from me - I had the Amati's in a room similar/smaller than yours (12' X 21' X 8') & they fit in very well & sounded great.
So great in fact that I sold the Amati's & bought the Stradavari's!
Depending on your budget - I would suggest that you audition the Amati's, the Anniversario's & the Elipsa's.
Contact me via e-mail & I'll share a $500 tweak that will allow closer placement to both rear & side walls.
All the best
Paul, I have first generation Homage's in a rectangular but asymetrically dimensioned room equivalent to 20' X 18' X 12' (ceiling height). My opinion is the room just barely handles them at normal listening levels. I do have some real acoustical challenges (back wall virtually all glass, one side wall rock, other side wall partial 9' celiing). It is hard to "lose" these speakers visually (not that I want to), but I have finally (after a few years) gotten them tweaked to disappear sonically. All-in-all I wouldn't part with them for the world, and certainly not for Anniversario's. I know they were supposed to be an upgrade, but not to my ears. Be sure to audition both. Good luck.
Listen to the cremona floor standing speakers I love mine.