Sonus faber Amati vs Amati

Hi all

I have been searching to find the right Faber for my system and tast.
I first whent out after the Cremona and the Amati homage.

My findings where that the Homage have a way better top end and a midrange that sounds like pure magic BUT

Pleas dont flame me for saying this the Cremona to my ears have a more dynamic sound from the top and down.

This makes my choice harder .
Because the both have differennt strong sides .

But then there is the new Amati anaversary model
Have enyone compared the new amati with the old homage.

My thourgt is that the new amati has the superior top end and midrange that the amati excels in but would also have the dynamics that i love with the cremona.

Eny thourgts would be helpfull

I have to say that the cremona and amati homage was heard in to different rooms and that could have very well been a factor.

But Is there really not eny one out there that have experinces with the to diffrent amaties ?

I have -- but, I'm afraid, I never noticed this difference in dynamics between Cremona & Amati... if anything, the Amati would be my choice. However, I wouldn't attribute this to "dynamics" per se but, rather, to a better rendition of scale as in reproduction of a fff.

In how big a room will you be playing these spkrs?
The Amati are "big" and the latest version seem to need even more room than the previous ones...

As to the new Amati vs the old, I haven't compared them side by side unfortunately so, tenpted though I may be to opt for the new, don't give too much credence to my choice.

Last, I find the Cremona a nice product and OK priced (by SF stratospheric standards). The Amati is expensive. By comparison, the Strad -- an interesting implementation -- is not only better but much better value. (IMO, YMMV, etc ad nauseam.)

My temporay room is 20 m2 with acoustic panels ,wall to wall carpet
and besides that i have digital eq in my amp so i can do basic roomcorrection
(modded tact millenium)
but in time i will have a larger room

Forget the part with the amati homage lacking dynamics
it seems that the amp used with the Amati was broken and diddent play bass dynamics in the on side

Enyway heard that the amati is known to work good i even small rooms because i dosent have that DEEEEP earthqueerk bass .

I really like the sound of the amati homage and it was a speaker that stays in ones mind forever
but the thing is i have the opptunity to buy the anneversary model for not much more then the homage .

But the anneversay i can not listen to before purchase
That`s my dilemma.

One important thing im the kind of hifi entusiast that listen to ALL kinds of music from limp bizkit to mozart

From what i heard the homage did it all what about the anneversary ?

regarding the strad i have heard the opposit of you findings and its also a completly diffrent price .

Well, from Mozart to Mahler and beyond, the present Amati is OK (I assure you the Strad is better by far -- but much TOO big for yr application anyway. BTW, the new Amati is +20k euro, not cheap).

As I said, I *think* the new Amati version is more correct than the previous one: it is staccato with a good sense of naturalness and not so much honey in the lower midrange. It can handle the scale of a large orch in satisfactory manner.

Playing the Amati in a small room is possible, anything is. BUT, you'll be listening at low volume otherwise room modes will create inconsistencies below say 200Hz. The room sounds very damped to me, so if you equalise the Amati, give it a more or less flat response.
For best results, move into the new room soon; as you've doubtless noticed, it's a large speaker!