Sonus Faber Amati Homage Vs B & W 802d

Hi Guy's.

Still pondering my next move and speakers are in my thoughts once more. I'm very interested in the two above with the 802d being the older model.
What are your thought's on these. The amp i have is a Chord CPM 3300 and will be able to drive both of them but i have a gut feeling the Amati would be an easier load.
Anyone had the chance to hear these two at some point and be able to give some advise.
I have no issue's with room, 48 square meter's. Music wise i like guitar based stuff, indie and rock and i like to listen loud.
Both of these speakers will do what i want them to do but i will be buying blind as they will be pre-owned so looking for some insight of what to expect.
802ds IMO a bit smoother.

The Homage as I remember was more dynamic presence.

Just really depends your flavor if your rocking out.
I had the B&W's and shouldn't have. The mids are grainy and the lows are fake...the speaker also has a closed in sound that I didn't like. Audition yourself so a large cash outlay will not disappoint you.
i found the sonus faber a superior speaker, with in store auditions. ended up with cremonas due to the lack of funds . have also spoke with a few people that have come to the same conclusion, but opinions vary. good luck.