Sonus Faber Amati Homage Plugs

Hi All,

Have recently purchased a pair of Amati Homage speakers used. The owner had nothing with the speakers, no box, no manual. He did have the coin things which the spikes sit on, and 2 plugs which plug into the ports of the speaker.

I am trying to determine how many plugs came with the speakers. Each speaker has 2 ports, so I assume it came with 4 plugs to fill the ports. I have read many reviews and sites about the speakers but people don't seem to mention the plugs much. Are these any owners out there who know how many plugs the speakers came with? Also was there ever a plug for the smaller port for the mid?

Second question is about the manual. Does anyone have a copy of the manual or know where I can get one from? I have downloaded the one from but it's a very generic manual for all SF speakers and has nothing specific about the Amatis. Plus it wasn't scanned very well.

Thanks in advanced.

Earlier production came with 4 plugs, but later production came with 2 plugs. My pair was built in 2002 and came with 2 plugs, but I never used mine.

SF manual contains no useful information, but it's beautiful to look at.
Mine is made in 2001 so it's entirely possible that it only came with the 2 even though there are 4 ports?
you never use a plug in a midrange /tweeter port
There is the midrange/tweeter port which has no plugs. But there are 2 ports for the woofers, but I've only got 1 plug. So my question is did it originall come with 1 plug for each speaker even though there are 2 ports in the woofer on each? Or did they come with 2 plugs for each speaker?
I brought a used pair of Amati , it was built in 2005,,,, with all the unused manual, spikes and plugs accessories .... It come with 2 plugs only , the 2 plug is used only for the Bass.... It is a nice speaker,,, can acts like a furniture....Wonderful ...