Sonus Faber: Amati Futura vs. Serafino Tradition

I have owned the Olympica 3 and now moving up to my destination speaker.  At the time I purchased the Olympica, I always loved the Futura but was out of my price range.  Now, years later, I'm ready to purchase my final speaker but now Sonus Faber has moved to a newer Tradition series, which comments on all fronts have been divisive.  Some feel they've moved away from their richer warmer sound and midrange focus, to a leaner, more dynamic and faster (leaner?) presentation.  

I've demoed the Futuras years ago and will have to go by memory and look for a used pair.  I demoed the Serafinos once and was only impressed with them on one setup (tube amp rather than solid state).  As we all know, much of the speaker performance (positive and negative) is dependent on the room and associated gear it is paired with.  Hard to make a decision on these two speakers, as I cannot a/b them side by side.   For those that are familiar with both models, what is your experience and take on both?  
Please forgive me for taking the liberty and giving you different advice, but you should consider hearing the Franco Serblin's Ktema speakers, if you are thinking about Amatis's.
Have not heard Serafino.
I currently have a Gryphon Diablo 300 driving a pair of Amati Traditions in my home.  The first time I heard this amplifier it was driving the Serafino Traditions at my dealer.  I spent hours at the dealer listening to the combination.   I have not heard the Amati Futura’s with this amp.

IMHO, I think the sound is wonderful with either speaker pair. Of course there is more bass extension with the Amati’s.  My speakers are very detailed without being cold.  I can listen to them all day without fatigue.  The bass has presence with excellent control.  The bass is extremely tight.  They work well and remain detailed at low volumes.  The sound stage is large.

For  my space, ears, and budget it is a near perfect setup.  I certainly would be happy with either speaker.  However, your sound processing likely is different from mine.

Trust your own ears as to what will work best for you.

DJFST: I’m actually looking at similar speakers.  I’m considering the Olympica III because I think they’re good enough for the system I’m considering (a log cabin w/ a large room and difficult to sort out anomalies).  However, in my view, the Seraphina’s are better in every regard.  

I also think, contrary to many other posters, the new lines of SF are their best yet as the older models were too warm, being over-ripe in the upper bass.  

I had also heard the Futura’s when they first came out - with ARC gear.  However, I don’t think they were broken in yet because I was not impressed and I tend to like SF speakers quite a bit.  

There are a number of used Futura’s that show up on audiogon for about $16k.  And, there are dealers who are selling demo stock for about the same price.  They listed for $36k when new.  Interestingly, I think the $20k Seraphina is a better transducer overall (at least for me).  However, I would think you could find all models to audition.  I know LMC in Scottsdale/Tempe has all of them to listen to if you’re inclined to make a trip down.