Sonus Amati vs. Vienna Mahler?

Two great speaker, one cost $22K and the other $10K.

Any opinions on the Mahler vs. the Amati?
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Speakers will be used for music in a 22x28' room using a VTL 5.5 pre amp and a Plinius SA 250 power amp.
I have reviewed both speakers, both in print and in person. While each has excellent qualities, for the money, hands down, the Mahler's provide finess, slam, and great detail. I have a pair that I will enjoy for a very long time. My listening room is smaller than yours,(16 X 18) and I am breaking in a Nu-Vista M3 Integrated and the matching CD3 player. I have bought and sold high end equipment for over 25 years and this combo is as good as it gets. Good luck on your quest...
I have a friend who was faced with the same decision, he was going to buy the Amatis. I suggested that he consult with Sumiko to get their input before he made his decision. After he talked with them he ended buying the Mahlers. I have also heard from more than one representative from Tweeter that the VA line outsells SF by 10 to 1 at every price point. You also should check out the reviews done by Chris Wynn that are posted on Audio Asylum on both of these fine speakers. BTW my friend loves his Mahlers which replaced his ML Prodigys.