Looking at the SONY HAP-Z1ES AUDIO PLAYER I hate to admit but just been putting the disc in the tray and off we go for the last 15 yrs or so. It sounds like its pretty easy to use just rip your CDs and move them over to the player via ethernet will this work with my Sony TA-es9000 pre/pro I use analog outputs for music looks like it has them on back also will it copy a CD recorded in DTS.  Thanx.
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@801dThe HAP-Z1ES has a good reputation, but it's pretty old in relative terms.  There are quite a few newer options that are more up to date and compatible with the newest formats.  My vote is for the Innuous Zen music server.  You can burn your CDs to it and use it as a music server/streamer.  It can also run Roon in native.  It's a bit more expensive than the Sony but the sound quality is better as well.  Read the reviews on this forum to learn more.  
Keep in mind you will need a DAC in addition to the Zen.  The Sony has a built-in DAC.  On the plus side, you should be able to find a used Sony for a bit more than a grand, which is a very good price for a very nice (though aging) unit.
I'm a little surprised that Sony hasn't released a newer version of their player.  It might be something that's in the works, so perhaps waiting a bit to make your decision would be prudent.  
I've had the hapz for 5 years, and it's absolutely killer. Rock solid. 

Aging? Everything ages. I did swap hard drives with an SSD last year, now it's lightening fast, and makes zero noise. 
OP, i have had mine for almost 5 years and absolutely love it. Sounds great and easy to use. Just rip your cd's and transfer them using the Sony HAP app. As the above post indicates everything ages. It all comes down to how much money you want to spend. Good luck with your decision.
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