Sonos with wyred4sound mod- a story

Deezer elite
Wadio 321 (pcm)
Rogue Audio RP1
Rotel 1072
PS audio entry level AC cables
Audio quest entry level connects and speaker cable
Focal Aria 926
Velodyne Micro V 
PS Audio wall outlet
Clean reliable commercial power.

The same day that I get my Wyred4sound moded Connect delivered I am afflicted with some type on inner ear condition where my right ear feels like someone stuffed cotton balls in and tamped them with a stick.  Tinnitus is also flared up.  Voices and music are annoying.  Sh!t.  I hook up the connect and make sure it works then turn the entire shoot'n match off and stomp off to bed in a huff.

I do Airbnb and the guest couple  shows up late after I have gone to bed.  I get up today and the tinnitus has subsided and the ear feels more normal.  Haha I can feel the  anticipation vibration.

While I am whipping up an espresso the Airbnb female guest materializes in the kitchen, really delightful lady.  She tells me how the first thing her husband said when they crept in the door  well past midnight was after he viewed my system was "This is an older gentlemen" and that before they left he wanted to hear it because he was an aspiring audiophile (frankly that is all I am).  I am thinking oooh goody as I have a a unmodified connect as well so I have a lab rat. Hehe.

So I quickly fire up the system and let it warm up and hook  up the stock Connect via optical out while the Wyred4sound is going coax. 

Male guest shows up and I explain that I want him to do me a favor and compare some music with  what one version sounds like vs another running through some new equipment I have and he is totally on board but warns me that he may not be good at this and I say its not a problem if he can' t tell the difference.   Remember I have not even listened to it myself.

 We discuss music choices and he is a jazz fan so I throw out Sketches of Spain and he says yes (not really a good choice).I prep him with all the buzzwords to look for, sound stage, dimension, separation etc.   After switching back and forth between the modified and stock he looked at me with a furrowed brow and said "The second version sounded a little harsh but I am only focusing on the way Miles's trumpet sounds like and maybe that is the way it should sound".  The second version was the stock connect.  I instantly remembered a review about the metallic like veneer that the Connect produced.  

I ask him if there was any other music he would like to hear and he said "How about Kinda Blue,  I have listened to the album hundreds of times".  So I ran the stock Connect first this time and then the Wyred4.  Each time I stepped out of the room but could still hear the music.  When the Wyred4 version played and the symbol crash and the drums came on from that song I knew.  MMMM. 

When I went back into the room about a minute or so after the Wyred4 version played  my guest was grinning like a possum eating saw briers.  I stopped the music and he said.  " I can't really speak to the terms you suggested to listen for but I can tell you that was heavenly just pure heaven and I could listen for hours".