Sonos mod by Wyred4Sound or Empirical Synchromesh

I'm considering upgrading my source. I'm using a Apple Airport Express into Sim Audio Moon 100 D dac. I'd appreciate recommendations on whether to switch to a modified Sonos from Wyred4Sound or the Synchromesh from Empirical Audio. I'm using a Prima Luna Dialogue 3 preamp that is warm and transparent, Prima Luna ProLogue 5 amp and JM Labs Daline 3.1 speakers which has unforgiving tweeters. Thanks so much for any advice.
Great workmanship, value and sound!
Get the Syncromesh - Steve Nugent says its 90-95% of his Off-Ramp. I doubt the internal mod would be any better and it can be used on other devices.


Wyred is really GREAT!!!!
Or do both. I have enjoyed the Cullen (now Wyred) Modification for a while now. I just added the Syncromesh, replacing a Monarchy 48/96 DIP Upsampler. Immediate improvement, right out of the box.
What differences did you see b/w monarchy and syncromesh?

I just grabbed a monarchy to pair with my sonos and peachtree dac-it. 1st time I actually heard "depth" in my system, plus tightened up my bass response and removed jitter.

Now kind of want more, but hard to justify bigger price tag.
I just bought the DIP/Up, really opened up my digital system/dac. Finally heard depth out of my system with nice tight bass. Curious on the big difference b/w the DIP and Syncromesh. As I know want more.
It's still breaking in...Steve at Empirical says three days, and I'm not there yet. For reference, my digital front end is a Cullen/Wyred-modified Sonos player, into the synchromesh (replacing the DIP), feeding a Monarchy NM24 DAC, Classe 15 amp and Aerial 5B/REL nearfield+sub setup.

For me, the Cullen modification was a big change/improvement over stock. Adding the DIP was a discernable improvement, but nowhere near as large as the Cullen mod was. Replacing the DIP with the SM, right out of the box, it's clear that the level of improvement is in the order of that which I experienced Cullen mod - that is, an immediate and unequivocal improvement, rather than something subtle. The 'amount of difference' seems closer to the difference between a stock vs modded Sonos than the difference between a DIP vs no DIP.

My sense is that if you were pleased with the DIP on the Sonos, you would find the SM a large improvement. Steve was great to deal with too. Now he's got me thinking about adding the Hynes power supply to the SM...

In any event, I'm looking forward to listening more.
Kernal - Synchro-Mesh has money-back less shipping, so the risk is low. Give it a try.

The other advantage is you can upgrade the power supply to Dynamo and add my coax cable for world-class results.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio