Sonos dropouts, how many users are having this issue

First off, I searched the forums and didn't find my issue.  I have contacted Sonos and though they have been very helpful, the problem persists. When streaming Deezer at flac I get some drop out. This can occur on a wireless connect or a direct Ethernet connected "connect". I have limited internet. with 10-10.5 Mbps download on a fairly consistent basis through DSL. Tonight I have one player on my main system playing using a Rega DAC, cat5 connection, and right in the middle of Robin Trower-A little bit of sympathy; I start getting dropouts. Then for the next 4-5 songs I get seamless playing.  I have 3 connects 2 of which are a wired cat5 and 1 wireless which was off at the time. And a Play5 wireless that was not playing at the time. Also I will mention that the other wired connect was not playing at this time either.

Have many, if any of you have had this experience? I listen to pandora with all 4 of my Sonos systems playing and never a drop out. So is it a Sonos issue, Deezer, or my internet? If it is a character of Sonos, what is recommended for streaming? 

A few months back before I had internet upgraded, I had Deezer drop me to 320 and I had no dropouts. So this only occurs when using the Elite Deezer with flac. Unfortunately I cannot obtain a faster internet speed unless I switch providers. I am unable to do that for other reasons, non related to this issue. I have been told by Sonos that 5mbps is required for Deezer and I have obtained that, at 10, so I have doubts that faster would help. 

So, again the question: what advice can anyone offer?

Thank You

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