Sonos--deal killer

I don't post much, but I do lurk. Just got my Sonos ZP90 yesterday and went to install it today. BIG suprise, you have to buy another ZP90 or Zonebridge to make the thing wireless over the network, it has to be plugged into the router directly. Went back to the web site and they do have one sentence that does say that you have to have another device (missed it completely). This really needs to be emphasized on their website, they don't seem to have any problem emphasizing the wireless feature of the ZP90. It's a shame, I was really looking forward to trying the Sonos, but I won't even be able to try the thing. I don't have a computer anywhere close to my stereo system, and I'm not about to unplug everything I've got and move it up another floor just to hear how the thing works. I thought the industry standard on wi-fi devices were that they were self contained and would connect to the network without any other support devices. I may be wrong on this, but I have never encounterd another wi-fi device that needed this. I know, my bad, should have paid more attention to the fine print, now I'm out $34 shipping (here and back), but I am not going to pay another $100 on top of the $349 that the ZP90 cost so that I can connect to my network. Sorry about the rant, but if you are looking at the Sonos, be aware that a ZP90 WILL NOT connect to your wireless network without spending another $99. Now to try the Squeezebox Duet.
You need to have at least one box connected directly to your router for the sonos to send the signal out to the rest of your boxes. FYI best buy had some overstock zp-80's in Southern California (will work with zp-90 but unable to send out the new stronger signal like the zp-90)selling for $175. I snagged one and know have my hard drive and sonos zp-80 connected directly to my router in my family room which is then hooked up to my stereo in the family room. The zp-90 is in my dedicated room. I no longer have a noisy hard drive or router to deal with in my listening room. FYI if you get a networked hard drive for storage there is no need for a computer just your hard drive. Be patient the sonos is a cool product if you can get over the initial disappointment.
Good Luck
Sonos rocks. I have 3 boxes running ceiling speakers all over my house. I can control all of this with my iphone{ volume,song,etc} The wifi capabilities of the iphone allow me to use it far away from my units.{ ie outside}.
I ran a cat cable from my router to my unit under the house. It sends the signals to the other 2 boxes wirelessly. I use this 100x more than my $25000 rig.....
I am going to the store today and run a ethernet cable to the Sonos ZP90 upstairs. I live in a mid-century modern house that is split into two levels and it is impossible to add a wire anywhere hidden, think no attic or subfloor, so the wire will be surface mounted. Wife is already b****ing. The main thing that got me going is that in all the articles I read, and reviews, not one mentioned that you had to have at least two Sonos boxes to use the wifi capibility. As I said above, the web site does make a small mention that is very tiny compared to all the hype about the wireless streaming. I also thought that the whole idea of wifi was that once you had the router set up other wifi devices could access the router. I have never heard of a wifi device that can't access the router directly and not need another device. Hopefully this will end my quest to have better access to my music. With two listening rooms and two stereo setups, one for multi-channel home theatre, I am hoping that my days of CD's laying around the rooms are over.
Just pay the $100 and get a bridge. It will extend the reach as well. This is the best WiFi solution on the market.
If you have a decent router it should b ok. I had to buy a new one on ebay to get a stronger signal. I use my iphone to control as it is MUCH better. I don't even use my controller anymore.

One Sonos must be plugged into your router because that player creates the 'Sonos net' it runs on. It uses a separate wi-fi to connect player to player. That is why one must be hardwired to your player.

What you may not know it it also extends your wireless capability. Let's say you have a ranch house that is 100 yards long and your wireless router is on one end of the house. If you are at the other end you would not be able to get a signal with your laptop. If you had Sonos players strung along the house you would then be able to wirelessly connect to the furthest Sonos from your router and connect to your wireless wi-fi.

Many were unhappy with 'burning' a Sonos for the very same reason you state. That is why they created the product the Sonos Bridge.

Buy one. You're almost there. You'll be glad you did.
Anybody using their iphone/itouch to control their systems? With the free app it is SOOOOO cool. Way better than the big/bulky remote that comes with it and also way better range since it has better wifi range. My controller was always losing connection, freezing up etc. With my itouch i have never had a problem, even sitting outside.{ i have speakers on my patio}
Iphone app. is teh next best thing about Sonos! I found the remote to be cumbersome. Now much easier! They should start packaging the system with an ipod touch, I guarantee it would be less expensive and easier!
It took me a while, but I finally got the Sonos hooked up with an ethernet cable (I know many of you said just buy the bridge) and I couldn't be happier. This unit gets the job done. I tried the original Squeezebox and the Sonos analog outs put it to shame. The Sonos software is fantastic, another leap up from the Squeezebox software. It is so user friendly. The biggest suprise is just how good the Sonos analog outs are. I'm sure that when I save up the money to get a good DAC it will be another improvemnet. I'm still PO'd about Sonos not emphasizing on their website that you have to have two (or the bridge) to use the wireless, but I am willing to forgive due to the quaility of the product. If this isn't the future of music playback than I don't know what it could be.
just wait till you control it with an iphone......then you'll really be impressed!
Are you still using your mac mini with the sonos?? How have you implemented them together?