Sonos Connect directly into MC452?

Hello there,

Do you think combination is viable? Would it compromise the quality for Tidal music in anyway? I am only looking to play streaming music.

Many thanks!
This would be a horrible injustice to the MC452! The Sonos streams ordinary non HD music as a SOURCE component not as a linestage preamp. Most digital sources are not good volume controls for a amplifier like the MC452. You need a proper volume control to make the most of the MC452 and the signal better be a very musical, clean, and clear! Also, I would not trust this device to run my LAWNMOWER! Just because it has a analogue output dose not mean the impedance is going to be a proper match ( i cant find any specs even from users manual). For that reason alone Id be out!

Matt M
I think it would be a good combination as long as you do not expect to stream at higher levels than CD Red Book (which is all Tidal offers right now, and I guess in the near future). Tests of Sonos players have been very favourable, and these days volume control in the digital domain is not an issue. If you are still worried about that, you could add a Level Pilot volume control.
Alternatively if you wanto add a convenient streaming option for higher resolutions (from a NAS), you may want to consider the Chromecast Audio, into a high quality DAC.
It will work just fine and let you listen to music until you decide what, or if you want to upgrade.
+1, mattmiller

With the exception of LAWNMOWER comment šŸ˜‰

The Connect needs a good DAC to fully justify the pairing with MC452. To my ears, the sound from its analog output is lean towards dull and flat.Ā 
Lean and flat is often an other way of saying accurate. However, if the OP really wants to be sure, why not get a Benchmark DAC3?

What so special about Benchmark DAC3 vs any other sub $2K DAC?
Mine just sounds much better that way both in testing with proper protocol and years of listening as I have both in my homeĀ 
Thank you everyone. I suppose trying it out at the local dealer wouldn't hurt. CONNECT does have volume control, and it has an excellent mobile app, and I am uncertain if adding a preamp when I neither need source selection nor volume control will be of sufficient benefit.

That said, if it wastes the value MC452 brings, then I need to rethink.

If I may suggest, try Bluesound Node 2. I have recently bought Vault 2 to replace my Connect. I was pleasantly surprised by its exceptional sound quality...much much better than Sonos Connect.