During setup of the SONOS Connect wireless Music streamer setup wants me to attach a cable to my router...WTF over? I thought this system connects to your WIRELESS (this is worthless if it won't connect to my home wireless network) Or am I missing something? Does anyone have one of these connected to their stereo? I could use some help.
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If I recall, only the initial set up requires a cabled connection
Matt...Sonos just added the wireless feature a short while
ago by a software upgrade. Your unit may not have it yet.
You might need to hook it up with an ethernet cable the first
time to download the new version. Then it should work fine.
The first connect usually requires hard wiring. You add a bridge to get wireless on additional connects.

Steve N
Empirical Audio
Was the guy or lady who told you to do that calling from a North Korean area code? If not, you may want to pass.
From the Sonos FAQ page:

With Sonos version 5.1, you can now connect Sonos to your wireless network directly, without using any Ethernet cables.

Are there any settings I need to be aware of?
Sonos communicates over a 2.4GHz home network supporting 802.11b/g wireless technology. 5GHz and 802.11n-only networks are not supported in a completely wireless Sonos setup (both 802.11b / 802.11g networks are supported).
Standard wireless setup supports only home network routers configured to use open (no security) or WEP/WPA/WPA2.

Standard wireless setup is not supported on:
Guest networks/Hotspots that use a portal page to login.
Enterprise access points configured to require certificates or some other form of enterprise authentication (aka "802.1X", "RADIUS", or "WPA/WPA2 Enterprise").
Networks with wireless range extenders.
Sorry, I should have included the following link. If you scroll down the page a little, it tells you how to connect it to a wireless system:

Thanks all ....I got it to work by moving it to the room with my router and connected via cable...then during setup I was allowed to unplug and move it to another awesome!
I took this thing back ! It is a neat device, but I'm over it. Ugly white box too! I am going to purchase a much better unit when I really want to add Hi rez digital. Until then I'm happy spinning vinyl.
Mattmiller - the Sonos needs a reclocker like the Synchro-Mesh in order to sound really good.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I have been enjoying mine since I connected it a few months ago. Works beautifully and is so convenient that I am finally considering going digital streaming DSD and all the other abbreviations. I love vinyl and even CD but sometimes I just don't want to fool with records and really enjoy the variety of selecting my own stations over Pandora. If I could find my password I'd connect to Siruis so I could listen to the loft.
Don't get me wrong, I have a very nice system, but "they" are creeping into my audio life!
The songs system is fantastic IMO... I just wish I could stream hi-rez data through it. Unfortunately it's limited to 16/44.1k. Hopefully this is something that can be resolved with a FW upgrade.
I was running the Sonos with a digital rca to a Monarchy audio DIP (reclocker) then out using a digital XLR to a MSB Nelson DAC upsampling to 24/96. Just FYI. It sounded OK. A lot better than the Sonos internal dac.
I'd love songs to go higher res but last I checked their response in some forums was no.mmmaybe they will wake up as some new competition sets traction

On a positive note the songs system set up and software is imho the gold standard. East to use and never crashes.
High resolution audio for SONOS

I do not have SONOS and I know little about Deezer Elite.
I use Tidal, computer USB to DAC, RCA to Processor or
Computer USB to DAC to good headphones
This is simply a passed on FYI I sent to a friend with a new SONOS system I do not know where I "clipped it" from

Owners of a Sonos system can subscribe to Deezer Elite for $14.99 per month. This membership offers high-resolution audio, allowing you to listen to music at five times the bitrate, 1,411 kbps versus 320 kbps. This higher music quality is only available on a Sonos system, and not on other platforms where Deezer is available.
"allowing you to listen to music at five times the bitrate, 1,411 kbps versus 320 kbps."

This is NOT hi-res, (the music streaming industry calls this high quality) This is CD quality. CD's are recorded at 16 bit, 44.1 khz which is 1411kbps. There seems to be confusion because of this misinformation probably from items like this from Deezer.

To be TRUE hi-res, it needs to be 20 bit, 48khz or higher as proposed by the new Digital Electronics Group.