Sonore Microrendu USB to Ayre Codex

Roon bridge running on an iMac sends files to my Ayre QX-5 Twenty digital hub, but Roon core running 24/7 on a Mac Mini tells me to select a zone and doesn't find the Ayre Codex.  When I go to the Roon endpoint table only the QX-5 and QX-8 are shown for Ayre.  The MicroRendu is shown for Sonore.  If I insert a MicroRendu between the Mini and the Codex is that likely to fix the problem?  I assume I could select the MicroRendu and Roon would find it.
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Roon core is running 24/7 on a Mini connected by USB cable to the Codex.  It played a couple of files then stopped, and I have been unable to select it as a zone.  Since moving stuff around, Roon bridge connects to my QX-5 and is the only endpoint on our network recognized by Roon.
Roon bridge running on an iMac successfully sent files via USB to the Ayre DX-5 DSD, so I assumed Roon core would send files to the Codex via USB.  But I think I need a streamer, and it seems a microRendu will fill that need nicely.  CIA is an easy drive from Montecito (AKA Santa Barbara), so I may pick up a power supply at the factory.
The problem seems to be that the Codex is not a streamer so Roon does not recognize it as Ayre an endpoint; only the Q5 and Q8 are listed as endpoints, and thus findable.  The inexpensive microRendu is a streamer and found by Roon as an endpoint.  So I plan to connect the Mac Mini via ethernet to the microRendu, and the microRendu via USB to the Codex.

I bought Audeze LCD-X headphones this morning to use with the Codex as an alternate to the KEF Ref 1s or LS50s.  I'm going to try balanced cables from Audeze.