Sonopan Accoustical Panel vs Rigid Fiberglass

Has anybody ever used Sonopan Acoustical panel instead of Rigid Fiberglass sheets to build bass traps with. Is one better than the other? If you have used them what type/size of trap did you build and what frequencies did you think it effected..

Also, has anyone used either one on a low basemet ceiling to help with reflection and bass.? Do they work well etc..
I have not used Sonopan panels but I have used rigid fiberglass and bonded acoustical cotton.

Our limited tests proved the cotton to be superior but only by a slight margin and at a considerable price difference.

So if you are on a budget then rigid fiberglass of say 3.0-6.0 pcf would be the best way to go. Get at least 4" thick for bass trapping purposes - 1st reflection points can use 2" thick material.
Thanks Heavystarch :)
I am able to find Sonopan locally but having a hard time with getting Rigid fiberglass, even through a local company who deals with Owens Corning.. They didn't even know what it was. He is looking into it to try and see if he can order it, but that was over a week ago, no word yet..

I can get 4x8 sheets of Sonopan 3/4" for about $27.00 CDN not sure what the price would be for 703 Rigid Fiberglass..

According to the brochure it has a density of 15 lbs/cuft,, suppose to be very good for sound absorbtion, but not sure if it would be good for Low frequencies or not. It is made up of wood filings and some kind of "wax" probably why its so heavy. each sheet is 26.5 lbs.

I wish I knew for sure if it would be good layered up to make bass traps, seems like it might given the high density of 15lbs/cuft.. maybe too rigid?

Maybe I'll have to try to find out:(