Sonographe Turntable Upgrade

I own a clean though stock Sonographe SG-3. I am unsure if I should buy a new table or invest in modifications for this table such as a Grace 707 arm and new cartridge and a good service check. Anybody have thoughts, an opinion or experience with this table?
really nice no nonsense table...certainly worth keeping. a nice arm(the grace would be one) and cartridge, and you're there.
Greetings to a fellow member of the small Sonographe Club.
My Sonographe SG-3 sounds great with the benefit of Rega RB-300 arm (modestly priced on Audiogon) fitted with aftermarket Kerry Audio Design F-2 Titanium Heavyweight Counterweight($129 in current Audiogon ad).
I play an heirloom Grado MCZ mid-price cartridge on the turntable, and everything is fine in this obscure corner of the analog world.
You also should consider the
Way Excellent Record Mat which is a wonderful $50 upgrade, at retail. Any change of the VTA did not prevent this mat from working its wonders.
Support the undersurface of the turntable with something better, such as Herbie's Tenderfeet resting on Ebony Booster Blocks.
I think you will be surprised at the overall improvement after you make some or (preferably) all of these (reversible) changes. Herbie's has a ninety day money-back guarantee, the very best way to avoid buyer's remorse.
If you decide to follow through with Sonographe then you can email to receive details about the new Club secret handshake.