Sonographe SL-21 speakers

I am not really asking a question on these speakers, since I may have had the only pair in the whole country. I just want to make a few comments on these fantastic little speakers.

I purchased these speakers by chance, I heard about them and drooled over them in the late 80's, but I could not afford any high end gear at that time.

After spending hours searching up and down on the internet, I couldn't find diddly-squat on these speakers, but there are no shortage of info for the Sonographe SA-120 and the SP-1, even the SG-3 is mentioned quite a bit on the net, that really makes me sick.

Anyway, the SL-21 has very attractive real oak veneer, the front and back are sloped, hence involved some time-align design, but like I said, I could not find anything on them. Even when I called C-J, the guy named Ed who handled vintage C-J equipment couldn't tell me a whole lot about them, at least Sota could tell me quite a bit about the SG-3 for crying out loud.

The SL-21 has very wide soundstage and solid bass for it's size, 6.5" woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter, and a 1" port in the front baffle, they also have very nice midrange. The speakers virtally disappear from the room while playing, that proves these speaker are well designed. During the knuckle test, I heard no cabinet echo or resonance, very solidly built, that tells me they are well damped inside.

If anyone who know about them, please charm in. These may be the only pair that left in the country, and they are not for sale.
Oh. OHM. I was hot on OHM for a while, but LM-210
Uh, now it looks like LM-260s will be my choice instead. I didn't think I could find them but a very little effort yielded results. I wonder if my 40W tube amp will be up to the challenge. Assemblage ST040 (Sonic Frontiers kit).
The Sonograph SG3 turntable was originally produced in Oregon in the early 80s. Was bought out by CJ in 1984 I believe. CJ then started making electronics under the Sonograph name. I did not remember about the speakers.

I own a original Sonograph with a Sumiko MMT tonearm. Purchased in 1983.
As I do. I have bought a couple of belts for it from SOTA, new hinges for the dust cover, and recently cleaned out the bearing after too many years and lubricated it with oil from George Merrill. I can afford his oil if not his turntables!