Sonny Rollins Live

I have a chance to see Sonny Rollins at a great venue in about three weeks. I have other plans for that night which are a known (in terms of enjoyment), but these plans can be changed. Has anyone heard Rollins live in the recent past who can give a rating on the "must see" scale?!
He's a legend and in his mid 70's. See him now or regret it when he is no longer around. Really not a difficult decision.
Thanks, but I do realize his legendary status, having most all of his LP's. :-) I saw him maybe 20 years ago and he was cookin'. While perhaps not a difficult decision with the lack of alternatives, this one is still a tough call on a personal level. Thinking I'll go, though. I'm always a sucker for "it could be your last chance". :-) And, with him performing near San Francisco, he's almost as Way Out West as he'll get! Still would like to hear from anyone who's actually seen him lately.
Someone posted a similar question regarding Sonny a week ago or so. They were going to see him in Ann Arbor Michigan. As I recall some members that saw him recently said the performance was very good and highly recommended seeing him in concert.
Yes, looks like someone bumped that thread and I agree. Tickets bought lst night