Sonny Rollins Freedom Suite/Shadow Waltz

Hello and happy new year.  I have both the Riverside (OJC-067) mono re-issue (1983) and Jazzland (JLP 986) stereo re-issue (1962) of this recording.  I've noticed the Jazzland version, despite indicating its in stereo, just appears to sound mono with most of the sound coming from the right channel.  Is this correct? It's not in as good of condition as my Riverside version (which is in near mint condition), but I have cleaned it with my VPI vacuum record cleaner (and off course I have my turntable and cart properly set up).  Between the two, my 1983 Riverside pressing sounds better (more natural) to me aside from the record condition.  Normally I prefer stereo recordings for the wider sound field. 

Any thoughts? 
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Abit off topic, but what is the best pressing of Sonny’s “Saxophone Colossus”?