Sonny Rollins

Saw Sonny Rollins last night in Cerritos, Ca. WOW! The man still can bring it! Even got my lp copy of Way Out West signed by him, how cool is that. If he comes to your town, run don't walk to get tickets!
Amazing! I'm a big Rollins fan. I had my doubts that being an older dude now he could still blow to the standard of his heyday. Glad to hear your enthusiasm for his show. If he comes around which is doubtful, I'd love to hear him.
I'm jealous, bet it was a wonderful experience.

I am a big fan of Jazz and he and Miles are among the best of the best.
I'll second the rave on Sonny Rollins live. Saw him last September and he played to the standard that many have claimed for him: the world's greatest living improviser. He and Ornette Coleman are pretty much the last of the jazz giants who walk the earth---both are 78---so I'd say take a plane if you have to. That goes for Ornette, too, who I saw in February. Inspirational, and better than ANY hifi experience.
My wife and I caught him at Zellerbach on the UC Berkeley campus this past Thursday night. I too was blown away by the sheer artistry and genius of a guy born in 1930! Also agree that he's one of that last giants still around ... put me in the mind of what it would have been like to see Coltrane live. I've had the good fortune to see many of the greats over the years ... Miles, Cannonball, McCoy Tyner, Lee Morgan and many others. This show was among the very best. (As an aside ... pick up the 'Miles Davis Story' DVD for some great footage of Trane with the great 'Kind of Blue' date)

Bassist Bob Cranshaw was the only other "old school" member of the group that night ... a "piano-less" sextet with four accomplished young lions ... each being pushed by Sonny's hard driving 52nd Street sound ... with Sonny's energy matching that of his younger protégés. If you like jazz and get a chance to see this extraordinary musician ... don't miss it.
Gary, did you also post on AC about this? I'll add my two cents here anyway. I saw him last year at the Kimmel Center in Philly. Ripped the place apart! And I like that he is now offering his own music direct. He made a small remark about if we bought it that he would be getting the money instead of a music company. Everybody cheered when he said that.

I'd have bought it anyway!
saw him in ann arbor a couple of years ago and was absolutely amazed what this man did right from note one. I try to go see all the older statesmen of jazz but sometimes the performances are these titans are in direct correlation to their ages.

But sonny was phenomenal, he could easily have blown away people have his age that night. I hope he plays because he wants to and not because he wants to.

It is a shame that you can purchase a great seat 2 hours before a show for a luminary jazz figure but the latest pop phenom sells out huge auditoriums
Heard an interview with him a about a year ago and he said he still practices hours a day. Still loves to play and said he is still trying new things and perfecting old ones. Quite admirable for a man of his stature to still be trying to improve. It's therefore no surprise he still smokes live. Wish I could have seen it.
Does anyone have list of where he will be playing?
Jsman: go to Sonny itinerary.
Someone above wrote that "He [Rollins} and Ornette Coleman are pretty much the last of the jazz giants who walk the earth" ... no point in arguing against this sort of statement, but people like Donny McCaslin and Chris Potter are blowing notes that are nothing short of amazing ... huge talents by anyone's standards