sonny rollins

has anyone seen sonny rollins in the past year. He will be playing in ann arbor, michigan in a month and I would like to know how the shows have been. Both in qualtity of performace and in song selection.
I haven't seen Rollins in the past year, and I don't know if you have ever seen him live. But, if you have an opportunity to see (hear) a musical legend of this magnitude and importance live, I can't imagine not getting your money's worth; even if it's an "off" night for him. Sonny is unbelievable when he is on, and nothing short of great when he is not. CHECK HIM OUT, and let us know how you liked the show.
who cares? That man is one of the last of a long line of saxists who 'get' tonality! Just go!
Where and when is he playing in Ann Arbor?
Your request is a bit like asking for recommendations for seeing a Picasso exhibit.

many moons ago I decided not to see Segovia at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco as I had an early meeting the following day. He died about six months later.
Here's a link to Sonny Rollins tour dates.
Saw him at the San Francisco Jazz Festival this past spring. Sonny was in great form and played his a*s off. IMHO, he's the greatest living jazz improviser. He can cover the whole history of jazz in one solo. You won't regret seeing him.
Do NOT pass up any opportunity to see and hear the great Sonny Rollins, especially in a town like Ann Arbor. I live the NYC area where when Rollins does play it's both overcrowded and overpriced - but still worth it.

I had the chance to see the late Ray Charles on one of his last tours and although his powers were somewhat weakened, he was still head and shoulders above most of the junk that passes for great R&B these days. The same can be said for Rollins, only I don't believe that Rollins has lost any of his quite amazing powers.

So go and be prepared to be completely blown away.
I agree with all previous posters. If he's playing more than one date there, see them all. He's the truth.

hey guys thanks for the input. As for the Picasso reference that does not wash because when going to see musician you are not going back in time to see them at their creative peak.
Heh, not to mention that even picasso had his bad days!
>>Heh, not to mention that even picasso had his bad days!<<

A really bad day for Sonny Rollins is still a hundred times better than the best day for about 95% of the "smooth jazz" sax players out there.

You may not be "going back in time" but you will transported to someplace real special.
I'm a big Sonny fan, but I have to disagree with some of what's been said here. He is quite past his prime and the show I saw earlier this year was pretty weak, if you ask me. Go for the iconic value, but don't expect the moon. His band ain't so great either.
I saw Sonny at the Keswick theater, outside of Philadelphia, last year. What a thrill! Doesn't have quite have the power to tackle the works of his prime, but still an icon. A definite must see if you can.