Sonist vs Zu...Anyone?

Has anyone compared the Sonist floorstander to either the Zu Druid or better yet the new Essence speakers. They look like the ticket for SET amps. There aren't any dealers in my area.
hey mike i'd also love to hear the Sonist floorstander & you might also want to consider the Tonian models from what I've been reading
I'm curious about the Sonist 3 also. I used Zu Druid for about a year and really liked them; good to very good with any type of music. The Druid were replaced by my Tekton Design Uruz, which are somewhat similar to the Sonist in that they utilize ribbon tweeter's and paper cone woofer's.

I preferred the Uruz,..more natural sounding and extremely good with acoustical, chamber, vocalist's, & jazz;..although the Druid are better with rock n roll.

There is a couple of reviews for the smaller Sonist 2 on his website. Sounds as though Randy has done a good job with integrating the 2 different types of drivers into a coherent whole. Hope someone has comments about the floorstanders.
Hi, I have a pair of Sonist Concerto 2 stand mounted speakers that replaced a pair of Reference 3A MM De Capo's. I went to the CES show here in Las Vegas for years looking for something that I would consider an improvement for around the same price as the De Capo's.The Sonist's were the ones I found that suited me and my system (5 watt amps). I did listen to the Zu's every year at the show and did not warm up to them, to me they did not convey the emotional content in the music as well as the Sonist's did, but they could really rock! The Sonists threw a huge soundstage and the high's are very smooth with lots of detail.If you are looking for a speaker to use with SET's I highly recommend the Sonists, the floor standers sound just like the stand mounted ones, just with more bass, at least to me they did at the CES show. Good Luck!
How about Sonist AND Zu? Take a look see at my rig and oh the hilarity ensues tootsweet. 
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