Sonist Concerto 4

Looking for new speakers, preferably made in the USA. Need a tube friendly warm/neutral sound with good detail.
Stumbled on the Sonist Concerto speakers on line- an old Axpona reviewer raved about them.
Anyone have any experience with them?
Are they as good as described?
              There is a detailed review right here in the forum.Just do a search.    That being said, I have owned the concerto 4's for about 4-5 yrs and they are warm/neutral sound with good detail, i am running Decware amps that put out about 5 watts which is plenty.                If you have a small to medium size room I would look at concerto 3's which I've heard, but not in my room, but they have a similar sound in my opinion, with the 4's having more bass than the 3's, and the 4's can fill a larger space.               I started out with Concerto 2's with TBI subs and then found a used pair of the 4's and sold my 2's along with the subs, The biggest difference between the 4's and the 2's is the size of the soundstage and of course bass output. They are very nice looking speakers and are easy to place.                I can't tell you much about the 3's as I've only heard them in other system than my own, but am confident in saying they all have the main house sound (warm and detailed) with each step up giving you more bass and a larger soundstage.Hope this helps, Tish
Thanks for the insight.
I am going to do a home demo; will let you know how it goes.