Sonics of Hooking Up Multiple Outputs on Preamp

First post and I really appreciate all of the knowledge shared!  My system consists of a Krell KSL line stage, Krell KST-100 amp powering Kef 105.2 speakers.  I have 2 SVS SD-12 sealed subs that I purchased for home theater duty but I until that system gets built, I'd like to add them in my 2 channel audio system.  The KSL has 2 output pairs (balanced and single ended) that can output simultaneously.  I'm currently using the balanced outs to my KST amp.  The SVS subs have standard rca inputs; no high level speaker inputs/outs.  I talked with an SVS rep and he suggested running out of the KSL's single ended RCA (left channel out to left channel in on sub1; and right channel out to right channel in on sub2).  I've read some of the posts here about impedance matching and other issues.  According to the specs that I have the KST amp has an input impedance of 47K; the SVS subs have 20K input impedance each; and according to Stereophile's review of the KSL it has an output impedance of 11 ohms.  I have my original KSL manual and oddly enough it lists no specs.  Do you think this is the optimal way to integrate these subs or should I be thinking about a speaker to line level converter and go off a set of posts from the KST amp? 
I would also be running the KEF's at full range.  Thanks for any assistance!

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Your numbers seem OK to do it. If you want to up the input impedance of the sub to say... 100K to 500K just get a buffer (tube or even better solid state) The Burson Buffer is excellent for this. Insert it between the pre amp and sub.