Sonics As Good As Sera Uno Noche?

At CES I bought the cd "Sera Uno Noche" directly from Todd Garfinkle of M*A recordings. It turned out to be the best recorded cd in my entire collection. Extreme air, with a soundstage both deep and wide. The musical content is also superb. This week I ordered a couple of additional cd's from M*A, hoping to duplicate my experience, but while good, they came up short, both sonically and content-wise.

If you're familiar with this cd I'm seeking your suggestions for other cd's that have the same "you are there' quality. "Jazz At the Pawnshop" comes close. I'm primarily interested in Jazz, Percussion, Blues, etc. Providing the music is good, I like all types with the exception of Rap.

Anyone else simply blown away by this cd? Have you been spoiled like me? Knowing what my system is now capable of reproducing has put me on a quest for the best recorded cd's. I'm finding it very disappointing to know what my system can do, but then realize that most cd's don't have it in them. And while I know some of you won't be able to resist the urge, no, I'm not looking to get into analog at this time. I've got both an EMC-1 for redbook and Sony DVP-9000 for SACD. I listen to the EMC 99% of the time, so I'm primarily interested in redbook.

Kenl, you are right, unless you want to switch to vinyl, this CD you mention is hard to beat. At the moment and within the limits you mention only Lyle Lovett's Road to Ensenada comes to my mind.
Thanks Detlof, I'll check it out.