Sonics - Amerigo

Has anyone heard the Sonics Amerigo yet?

it's fairly new, on Stereophile there is a picture and one brief, positive sentence.

just to add: i've read the reviews available on the internet.
what i'm interested in is real Audiogoners giving their honest opinions.
you better go to heard SONICS speaker,it's amazing,although i never heard Amerigo,but i use Allegria,i am very satisfied.
thanks Samtse,
the allegra and allegria are well known and tested, but the amerigo is a box design made for the american market, so the sound signature may be different from the established models. i may just pick up a pair to audition at home, since i may be able to get them below retail. if i do, you'll hear from me.
after break in,please report,thanks
a pair of Sonics Amerigo are on the way, along with a pair of Thiel CS1.6.
i'll A/B/C these against my old Thiel CS0.5, and report back on what i hear!
well it's like this: after living with the sonics for a while and testing against the thiel 1.6, i can honestly say that i believe the thiel 1.6 are way over rated. the sonics beat them in every way possible, and the used price was very similar at around €2k each. i'm very happy with the amerigo.

there's alot more air in the music, everything is just more effortless and bigger, wider and more realistic. they're easier to drive as well. i dunno, there's not much point in making a comparison, everything is just better. the thiels seemed a bit flat and two dimensional compared with the amerigo. admittedly, the thiels are a two-way speaker and the amerigo are three-way. a fair comparison would have been amerigo vs thiel 2.4, but i don't have a pair of them. =)
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