Sonics Allegra or Nola Vipor 1a

Hello all, what would you choose between Sonics Allegra or Nola Vipor 1a if you can get them at the same price. Both like new condition.
Go with the Sonics as I have heard those and owned the Nola 1ax. The Nola are good speakers, but the Sonics are very special. They are more detailed, resolving and image wonderfully. The Nola will throw a larger stage.
Thanks a lot sir. It might be a silly question but if you could get the new in box Martin Logan Electromotion and a demo pair unit of Sonics Allegra at the same price, what would you buy?
Just got the Allegra today. Wowww! great speaker. So transparent and stunning soundstage. Bass is deep and tight.
Lots of Details too. :>