Sonical differences btw. Concentra II and Concert

Thinking of replacing my Concentra II with a Concerto integrated. Has got anybody at agon got a clue about their sonic differences? Thanks for your kind help!
FP- Having owned BOTH pcs. I could NOT tell a lot of difference sonically between the 2 - both sound wonderful but not a lot of difference. The new unit will be a little cooler to the touch and will play a little louder (more power) but I personally did not experience (almost twice) the rated power of the C2 - I was using Thiel 2.4, SimAudio Eclipse (balanced) into both pieces - To play these speakers fairly loud I would have to use (60 out of 100 displayed) on the Concerto and 72 (again out of 100) on the Concentra 2 _this is not totally scientific -just a personal (reasonable) observation - Again both are fine pieces but there is not a lot of discernable difference MHO
So would it be better to look out for JRDG seperates eg. 201 / 501 ? Thanks for your kind help.
FP -A Concerto is basically 2-201s with an attached preamp-I do think separates provide more current(my EAD has more bass than the concerto)to drive your speakers-this is an obeservation but I feel its honest - I would use a Synergy2i and either a model 10 or 12 or 300 series amp-I had a model 10 with the synergy and was a good, powerful match - To replace your Rowland(with separates) would involve upping your budget by at least 50%_ I feel it would be worth it sonically , however, thats quite a jump in price to get there...
I´m just thinking of buying a model 10 instead of the 201`s and use it directly with my new Audio Aero Capitole II. Do you think this combo outperforms the current Concerto integrated ?
The model 10 is definitely a step up from the integrated. Just curious, are you planning on running the CD Player directly into the Model 10? I am currently using the Model 10 with the Aesthetix Janus upstream, as I employ multiple sources. Unless your speakers present an extremely difficult load, the Model 10 should provide plenty of headroom.
Hi Frankpiet,
I have had both the model 10 and now own the concerto. {See my system pics.} I think on raw performance the two are very similar. The Concerto gives you so much more flexibility. It has 4 inputs, volume control, phono if you want it, and also runs very cool while using very little energy. The model 10's are great amps, but run warmer{ if this matters}. Also 2 powercords/ dedicated lines would be required for the 201's. If i was looking for an integrated, i'd buy the Concerto. If i was looking for an amp, i'd happily buy the model 10.
yes. I´ve just bought an Audio Aero Capitole MK II SE. This unit provides a 100 step analog volume control. The speakers I use are highly efficient speakers. Load problems shouldn´t occur. Which power cords do you use on the Rowland gear? I personally use Electraglide. As speaker cable Shunyata and as interconnect Acoustic Zen. Any recommendations?
Best, Frank
I have had fabulous success using FIM/CRL cables with my Rowland Model 12, 302 & Synergy IIi. These PC's brought performance to a whole new level, from all performance aspects.

Because of system changes, I have some of these PC's available. If interested, send me an email.
I am using Silent Source power cables from the Model 10 power supply to the Walker Velocitor S line conditioner, and from the Velocitor to the outlet. Interconnects and speaker cables can be very system dependent - I basically went with one of 2 types of speaker cable Wilson dealers typically recommend. Also, the Model 10 and my preamp are balanced designs, so that can also influence your choice of cable.

As you all are experienced Rowland users: is the model 10 still a better performer than the model 201 ? Does anyone of know the company Chapter Audio?