Sonic Tonic fom the Tweek Geek

Well here is another great tweak that I recommend. Its called, "Sonic Tonic". By the Tweek Geek.

Sonic Tonic consists of a set of 4 bottles and will cost you $99 but boy do you get your money’s worth.
I placed the first 4 bottles on the power cords IEC ends on my PS Audio Dac, Bryston BDP-2, BSG QOL, and my DEQX Preamp. And then listened...
What I heard was a clearer soundstage, with improved vocals, deeper bass and increased dynamics.

I even tried them on my Video equipment; Samsung 85" UHD, Dish equipment, Oppo 205 and found an increased resolution that really made Tara Reid’s wrinkles pop in " Sharknado 5" !

I ended up buying a total of 20 of these bottles and now have them everywhere including on my Tube Amps and my Subs.
With a return guarantee you guys need to give these a try.



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If the stuff is anything like the Tweek of the 1980/90’s, careful on tube pins. Tweek was conductive, and if any was dripped between pins on tube sockets, shorting could result.
Oh, I took the tonic part literally!