Sonic Link Black Rhodium IC

Anyone has any info, opinions, or experience with Sonic Link Black Rhodium RCA interconnect ?
Sonic Link Black Rhodium is a very high quality cable using rhodium plated molybdenum wire to carry the signal.
I forgot to also mention that the Sonic Link Black Rhodium is unshielded. The current Black Rhodium Oratorio is the same but with a thick silver-plated braided screen for the return and using Eichmann bullet plugs in place of the rhodium plated RCA plugs. Both cables are Graham Nalty designs. In the UK, he is company founder of Sonic Link, Black Rhodium and Polar Cables.
At first, I was disappointed by its lean, hard, and restricted sound but I was impressed with its detail.
Now 30 hours into listening, it gives excellennt tonality of each instrument with just right amount of warmth/smoothness, deep soundstage and incredible details.
I am finanlly enjoying my SS CDP without using tube DAC.