Sonic Impact Super-t Amplifier

Has anyone tried the Super T amp ?
For $160 ($140 web) I was thinking of given it a try and use my denon 3805 to prosess
Any Thoughts ?
I had the regular version which, from what I've read, is the same amp in a plain case with no frills.
It was good in the bass and that was it. The high frequency's were harsh even with battery power and amp had a technicolor and artificial sound to it. So based on this and previous experiences with digital amps are good sub amps but that's about it IMHO.
I believe it is not so bad as Cdc described it. It depends with which speakers it is paired, having in mind the amp's very low output power (some 8 W or so).

I think it is a very fine solution for a budget system.The safer bet is to try first the regular version (something about $25) and to see how it behaves in your system ... then you can upgrade, although I do not believe that the difference will be great (disclaimer - I never heard super version).