Sonic Horizons cables?

I would like to hear from owners of this darkhorse sounding cable company that claims to have the best bang for the buck, according to commercials sponsored by HCM audioshop. Are these cables as well rated as they claim? What about their mean looking Power cables? I would like to hear from real people, real people who have auditioned these cables! PAUL
-- i have 3 of their "daybreak" power cords - they seem very well made and worth $100 - haven't really done any a/b testing of them versus others(none in house) - i have had synergistic research ac couplers in the past,but no way to compare - IMHO i can't see spending more $ on power cords - 2 cords are driving rogue 120 monos and the other an audion sterling .....i hope this little bit of infor. helps.....
I have a 75 ohm digital cable, can't remember the model. It seems well made but since it is the only one I have, can't compare. Sounds fine but as I said, no comparison
Hi Paul: Just purchased their Skyline AC power cord. Definately noticed an immediate improvement with my M.L. no. 39 CD. Very well built and do seem to offer a lot of "bang for the buck".
I, too, am using Daybreak power cable, on my McCormack DNA.5 amp. Didnt audition any others, just bought it based on it's price, apparent level of quality and craftmanship, and money back guarantee. The one for $300 with the WATTaGATE Power and IEC plugs looks to be a good buy, as do all their cables. I have heard that power cable changes are most noticeable when you can change the source components as well. good luck