Sonic frontiers

Soon I Will be auditioning a Sonic Frontiers line 3 preamp and a pair of power 3 mono blocks. I have Tekton Moab’s and a beautiful pair of Jbl 4435’s. Anyone here familiar with this equipment?


I am using the Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp and the Sonic Frontiers Power 2 amp to this day. Both have been upgraded by Parts Connection with wonderful results. I had the preamp upgraded again with Mundorf Silver Gold Oil film caps and Duelund silver foil bypass caps. All other old caps have been changed so both are ready for many more years of service. I can enthusiastically recommend both, just be sure the caps in the amp are replaced.

I've been very happy with my SF Line Stage 2.  Very quiet, solid and well built, good controls, great remote.  No regrets. Parts Connections does service and refurbish if needed which is another huge place.  

I have also owned my share of Sonic Frontiers equipment over the years:

SFM 75  Mono Amps

SFM 160 Mono Amps

Power 1 Stereo Amplifier

Line 1 Preamplifier

Line 1 SE Preamp (factory upgrades)

Line 2  SE (Upgraded by Parts Connexion)

I think that the amplifiers were very good. More “solid” than “exciting”.

The preamplifiers were all excellent! They did everything well! An excellent user interface as well as world-class sonics. Definitely had clarity, detail, sparkle, 3-D sense of space. Also that remote was something special. The preamplifiers featured the excellent Head Fi Headphone circuitry.  I purchased some of the equipment right here on Audiogon, some direct from Chris at PCX, And the SFM 160 monos from John R. at Audio Connection.

All of the stuff was built like a tank. They were also beautiful pieces to look at. They had that “cool” factor! I loved the Chrome chassis. The black face plates were attractive and the gold plates were luxurious! The amplifiers featured bias meters or LED bias indicators and were very easy to set the bias.

With Parts Connexion still available I would not hesitate to buy Sonic Frontiers equipment. Chris and the staff at PCX/ACX are terrific and easy to work with! Not only have I had them do upgrades in the past, but I have also purchased new equipment and accessories including cables from them. They are a first class organization!

I forgot to mention I am currently running a Bhk preamp with a Bhk 250 power amp

Only issue I had with a SFI preamp were the relays that were used.  They sometimes would get stuck.  Sound, though not tubey, was great.