Sonic Frontiers, what is going on??

Does any one know why SFI equipment is sellinh new for less than 50% of its retail prices? I wanted to buy Power 3 but I am worried. Normally when that happens is either the company is going out of Bus or there is newer modle coming up. Any insight?
I've purchased an Anthem Amp1 and Pre1L this year, both are made by Sonic Frontiers. I just love them. The Amp1 came with a silver faceplate, and I wanted a black faceplate. I contacted SF a few months back about getting a black faceplate. I was told I had to wait until they did a new run in June. I called back in June, and and finally ordered the new faceplate. Customer service was very helpful, and as far as I can see SF is going strong.
I see them as a strong outfit.They are working on their 5 Channel amps and had flooded the market with some of the tube gear when they where in a cash has kept the price down and anyone thinking of buying one should take advantage of this chance to get such a good deal on it.i live 5 minutes from the planr and am in there weekly getting things from the Parts Connection.This side of the bussiness is very very strong and so is SF.Grab the gear at these prices before they run out.I think once the market has absorbed them all they will fetch close to or more than this bargn price on the used market.
To all of you guys who responded, thank you very much for your input. However, just one last comment, when I talked to one of these dealers -whom by the way work from his home- I asked him that I want a 220 volt version can you convert it from 110 volt. He said - and I quote "I can ORDER you a set" now that means he will order it from the factory? I would think or so he made me believe. So the idea of SFI has flooded the market sometimes back does not apply here, or does it? In any case, I have heard enough and I think I just go get them. Thank you all once again Mohamed
I just purchased a new Anthem Amp-1 through Audiogon for maybe 60% of retail. I also picked up a returned Pre 2L that had been exchanged for a new Line-2 for around 50%. The dealer was able to transfer the Pre's warranty into my name with SFI. My amp was ordered. It would appear that there is definitely some discounting going on either directly from the factory or via distibutor(s) very close to it. While this doesn't concern me as a consumer, it probably causes some strife between Sonic and their "full-price" retailers. Last year a dealer I visited referred to some dumping by Sonic in order to raise cash in a hurry. While this might have been temporary, the fact that we are having new equipment ordered for us for 60% of retail indicates that either SFI is still dumping product or there is top-level distributor with a BIG warehouse full of it. I'm not worried as a consumer, but I would be leery of dealing with them if I were a 'bricks and mortar' HiFi shop. One more thing to consider is the difficulty that Canadian SFI encounters trying to maintain stable prices in US dollars due to the (currently) VERY favorable exchange rate for Americans. It's very easy for Canadians to sell goods to Americans right now, but hard to get top US dollar for them.
i was considering purchasing a sonic frontier line-3 recently (went w/something else), and all "bricks-n-mortar" dealers were willing to meet the *sell-from-home* dealer's price except one. *that* dealer actually got very nasty w/me - one more dealer scratched from my list of potential vendors. doug