Sonic Frontiers Ultrajitterbug

Trying to beef up my CD rig while waiting for SACD to come down. Anybody have any comments on this device? I would imagine it would compete with Monarchys' DIP. Thanks in advance for any comments.
Placed in between my Theta Data III and Gen Va DAC, the Ultrajitterbug degraded the sound markedly.
I tried using one a few years ago between my Esoteric transport and Proceed DAC. Cables were Illuminati D-60. Turns out that the UJB degraded the sound. I sold it!
Jeez,those Kiwi guys!! Just kiddin'. The piece you're talking about is dated. The Gen Dig Lense is a bit better, but also dated.If you can get a dig lense, cheap enough, say 450.- it will work between your Theta 3 & gen5 well/ Or whatever you got. Spend more/it gets better. Been there done that.
.....and now for something completely different. I own a Proceed PDT3/PDP3 combo. I don't have a lot of experience with seperates, but heard that a jitter reduction device was a plus. I found a SF UJB for $125 used, so I figured, what the hell? I actually liked what it did. I thought it increased extension and detail, especially in the bass region. I also thought the overall sound was 'smoother'. My question to you other gentlemen repliers is: What in/outs did you use? I've only used balanced in's/out's. I don't know if this might explain the difference or not. I'm using it now, happily I might add, as you can tell by my equipment, I can't afford to keep up with the latest technology. I tend to be more a fan of classic equipment. I'll be interested to see the replies, could be a synergestic thingamabob.
I agree with Avguygeorge. The Genesis is way better, and it improved the Theta combination by a large amount. I don't doubt your experience Jmcgrogan. I am sure the UJB works in some circumstances. I cannot remember what ins/outs I tried, but I probably tried at least the RCA and XLRs.
Thank you all. I think I'll stand pat, for at least another week.
Change that name to Wisehead.