Sonic Frontiers Tech Support is Great

The friendly gentleman Nick Spent 15 minutes on the phone with me discussing a minor adjustment on my SFCD-1 CD Player, & Tube selection etc. today. He is great very knowledgable , Patient & helpful. He was also kind enough to send me some screws for the case at no charge. A very nice company to deal with!
Weiserb; that has been my experience too. Both Nick Platsis and Douglas Brown are great to deal with. Cheers. Craig
I would like to also stress the service SF provides. I bought a Phono1 on Audiogon that was the 54db gain. This was not enough for my Helikon, so I called SF, talked to Nick, and he said to ship it to them and they would swap out the required resistors. The only thing I paid for is shipment back to SF. Great service, great company.
Just came back from SF, since I'm here in Toronto on "business". hehehe. Anyway, got a tour of the place, saw their setup (they're moving a few miles away from where they are next week BTW). Spent some time with Frank from The Parts Connection there, great guy. Picked up a pair of Goertz Flatline 2M balanced cables for $99, and some EAR footers (85 cents for the little ones, $1.25 for the bigger ones). Frank even gave me a free Mullard t-shirt for the helluva it. Real nice people, great company!
Well I have a story about Sonic Frontiers that I think may be interesting to some of you. I had to have my Line 1 repaired and infact it is still in Sonic Frontiers posession as we speak. Anyway, I first started to deal with Doug who is now since retired from Sonic Frontiers and was told that I would recieve my unit in 3 weeks total. Well week 3 comes and I find out that Nick has taken over so I spoke to Nick to make sure that he was up to date on my unit to minimize the chance of it getting lost during this transition period. It seems that Sonic Frontiers is really backed up because although my unit has been repaired it still hasn't been shipped out as of yet. I called to find out when it would be sent and it wasn't sent on the date promised so I e-mailed them last night at 10:30PM to let them know that I would be calling them the next day to get my shipping date. What threw me for a loop was that when I sent this e-mail late last night I received an e-mail back 10 min. later!!! Nick was a complete gentleman and explained that they are so backed up that he has to put in extra hours just to get shipments out. Here I am thinking that they were slacking on my order but realized that infact they are working hard to keep all of us happy and that may be a task that requires a little patience from people like me. I e-mailed Nick back and told him that I trust that he's doing all that he can and I understand any delays within reason. Although I don't have my pre amp I respected Nicks honesty and quick responses either by phone or e-mail.

Good company!! Good Service!! Good People!!!
I also have had excellent service from them. I ordered an Assemblage 2.7 Platiunum dac from The Parts Connection and they made a mistake, accidentally shipping a Signature version instead. When I called Frank, he overnighted the replacement to me at no charge and was very helpful. I appreciated them offering more than it would have taken to make me happy.
My experience with Sonic Frontiers has been pretty good. I'll say up front that I think they make superb gear that represents a good value. I also think their service has gotten much better. I currently have a CD player in for repair there. I called a few days ago to find that they had fixed the problem and were testing it. Replacement of the faulty part was covered under warranty at no charge. Nick told me that they would be shipping it back to me next week. Support after the sale is important to me and Sonic Frontiers has always come through to my satisfaction.
My experience has been very positive. My new Phono-1 was marred by a loud hum. They shipped it back to me in 3 weeks and it now works beautifully. To my untrained eye it appears they replaced all the capacitors; they look different anyway, white Multicaps. They also upped the output at my request from 54 to 64 db, and they repaired some damage I had caused myself when I sawed out a stripped lid screw, removing the dent I made, drilling a new screw hole, and repainting the lid. All at no charge. Another time when I sent back a Line-2 remote that didn't work, they replaced it at no charge even though I admitted to them that it stopped working after my two-year-old daughter threw it across the room.
Maybe, over the phone? I haven't had luck using their "TECH SUPPORT" via e-mail. I fixed the problem myself, and it is been a one week already, no replay. Big minus in my book!