Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 used. Good or bad?

I have no real experience with this transport, which I understand retailed for over $2,000 in the mid-1990's.
Is this a good transport, and is it worth around $400-$500 in what looks like really mint condition cosmetically?
Functionally, seems to be just fine too. Thanx, folks.
Yes! For that price, it's an outstanding deal. I had an SFT-1 and was able to compare it to a Mark Levinson No 37 Transport. The only difference that I could detect in my system was that the vocals were projected further forward with the No 37 as compared to the SFT-1. The SFT-1 is much cheaper too! When I ran the SFT-1 through a Genesis Digital Lens, it showed the jitter to be very low. I suggest that you listen to it if possible before purchasing. Otherwise, just go for it.
I've been using one with a Genesis Digital Lens, a Meridian 518, and an Assemblage D2D-1. I prefer any of these combos to an Accuphase DP-75, retail $1000, which I'm hoping to sell. I don't think you could go wrong. The SFT-1 was Stereophile Class A in its time, for what that's worth.