Sonic Frontiers sfs-50

I've got a SFS-50 tube amp. My current setup is:
Marantz SR7005 (preamp)
B&W 805D speakers
Paradigm center channel
B&W ASW 750 Subwoofer
Moon .5 CD Player
Music Hall MMF 2.2 LE turntable with Dynavector 10x5 cartridge
Nordost cables, speaker wires

I'm looking to move to a two channel system to get more of a tube sound. So I've auditioned a VTL 2.5 preamp with a VTL amp hooked up to a pair of B&W 805D's. It sounded great without a sub hooked up to it. My question, would I expect to get that same sound from adding the VTL 2.5 without a sub hooked up. Also would swapping out tubes in the SFS-50 make a difference?

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Yes i would. You can run el34 6550 kt90s try the 6550. Thatis a great amp.