sonic frontiers sfl-1 or bryston 11b ?

hi, i need choise about this preamps.
wich can do a better work ?
(im sorry for my english)
Hello Mati, Definitely buy Sonic Frontiers SFL-1. It is not a warm sounding preamp, but it will compliment the Stereo 70 very nicely and it will give your Thiel speakers the magic you are looking for.
If you have any other questions you can email me anytime. I will try to keep the English simple.

Not familiar with the Bryston ...

SF SFL-1 was my 1st adventure into tubes many many moons ago. It's neutral with a touch of tube magic ... a very nice preamp. I was using it with a Krell KSA100S with excellent results. Also if it ever needs servicing, contact Chris Johnson @PCX. I would contact Chris for mods if you do decide on it.

Good luck!