Sonic Frontiers sfcd1 or Monarchy dac33/dip classi

My current digital system has Nak cd4 as a transport, Monarchy dac33/dip classic. Would the Sonic Frontiers sfcd1 be a significant upgrade? Any other players/transpors that would be recommended instead of Sonic Fronties? Amps are Adcom 565 mono blocks and James Audio s103 speakers. I would like to stay at or under what the sfcd1 would cost if I can find one.
Yes the SF will be an upgrade in sonics, but please note that the transport used in the SF has been discontinued and a replacement will be both difficult and expensive. I believe that Parts Connextion may still have replacement transports but for how long?
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Chris Johnson at Parts Connexion upgrades the mechanism if required ,no worries.I have the SFT-1 with SFD-2 mk 2 and are nice sounding.
Thanks for the replies so far. Would using my Monarchy dac33/classic dip (re-clock) with a Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 be a waste of that digital source or not as good as the SFCD-1? Would rather not buy a new DAC but would buy the SFCD-1 if that is best option.