Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 Cd

Is this player still worth considering based on age and
future availability of parts and service. Thanks
yes this is still one of the best cd players on the market, 85% of the problems with this player is the laser or the transport mechanism, both of them are available thru parts connexion, or sonic frontier/ANTHEMS, also i think parts connexion is still offering an upgrade package, my player had one done, that included infinicaps, ceramic tube holder and valvo tubes, and i cant stop listening to it, best player i ever heard, and i have had many,
regards leo
people will tell you there are alot better players BUT this thing sounds like music (no harshness what so ever), you can also upgrade it at SF,which im thinking of doing but no body responded to my post about the MAASTER CLOCK upgrade. you can also play around with the tubes to get different sounds.