Sonic Frontiers SCFD-1, Your Experience?

Anyone with experience to share on the SCFD-1?
Butifully built, Great sound !
Heard It, Loved It, Own One! I do have to admit that the stock 6922 were replaced with Amperex Jan 7308's, Oh what a major difference!
I've had my SFCD-1 for three years. I have upgraded the tubes to Amperex 7308s and use a Shunyata Cobra for the power cord. With these two upgrades, this unit reproduces music better than a ton of other CD players out there. I hooked up a Wadia 850 to my system earlier this year and yes, the 850 is a leg up on the SF but for the difference in price, I kept my CD-1. Sonic Frontiers offers an upgrade for this unit. I have not upgraded mine yet but will do so in the near future. They are well worth their "used" asking price.
Thanks much for your comments......even though I have gone on to other things...I had always loved the mid-band sound that a Classe CDP-1 had given me...and had wondered about other UltraAnalog dac based cd players....nothing with either 1702 or 1704 Burr-Browns chips has sounded as musical...lots of detail, yes.....but as one reviewer put it in another thread...they seem to present the sound in a "here's your damn music" sort of way...the UltraAnalog based units I have heard....sound a bit more..."unplugged"? I listen mainly to Jazz and female vocals..for what it's worth.
I have one which I won't send back for their upgrade since I've replaced it by an Accuphase DP-75. But if you do get the upgrade, I'd arrange with them NOT to use Kimber AGSS from circuit board to output RCA's, since I know from personal experience, both with my SFCD-1 and with passive preamps I've built, that 36 gauge high purity single strand silver yields a MUCH better sound. AGSS has a reputation but, by today's standards, no real sonic virtues. IMHO, of course, as hardly needs to be said. But I have listened.