Sonic Frontiers Preamp & Classe Amp

I'm seeking opinions from people who has experience with Sonic Frontiers Line 3 preamp. Especially when it is matched with the Classe CA400 amp. Is this a good combination? I'm using Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers. I have no Sonic Frontiers dealer where I live and The only choice I have is mail order. Any responds will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Danny
I am currently running SF line 2 with CA201. I have had the combo for about 3 weeks. My conclusion.... all of the dealers I talked were right. The two compliment one another very well. I can definately tell the sound is much warmer, more space, and depth than my previous all solid state combo. If you do consider getting any SF products, try giving Walter a call @404-256-9651 (telling him Nick referred you). He's based in Atlanta and a very knowledgeable guy to deal with. He gave my a great price on my line 2 no strings attached. He's also a great resource on upgrades. No bull! I am not trying to solicit his business. Just thought you want a great deal and professional advice from an honest guy.
For a couple of years I've been using a Line-2 with a CA-200 and they have made an ideal match.
It's a wonderful combo. Will be neutral out of the box. Soke folks think the Classe is polite, so extended...which tells me it's in the middle. You can them fine tune the Line 3 with tube swaps. But you don't do all of them. Just two. When we sell that preamp I can give a good guess up front, but sometimes it's worth letting it break in and then getting that last 10% of performance. A few favs. Siemens 7308, Amperedx 7308, if you want a more relaxed top end. Ediswan if you want to keep it in the middle, but more texture, and if you want more bite try to find a 1960's Holland 6922. Sadly these are all hard to find and as someone pointed out we only offer them to folks who bought their line 3's here, but maybe this will help.