Sonic Frontiers pre Line 2 :off or stand by

My system is:Gyrodec mkV,SME IV,Benz Ruby 2,pre phono Benz PP1,cd EAD 1000 III,pre Sonic Frontiers Line2 SE,amp Sonic Frontiers Power2 loudspeakers Sonus Faber Electa Amator I.For not wear out the pre tubes,when it is no in use is better leave it in stand-by or in off mode.Tell me your experience
I keep my Line3 (and, earlier, a Line2) in standby during the week since it is used every day, morning and evening. I turn it off on the weekend when I am away (and using another preamp).
I used to own a Line 1. Sonic Frontiers tech dept advice: Leave it on standby at all times!
Hi Kr4,

Your review of the Line 2 is one of the reasons why I bought this preamp. Good job.

I keep my Line 2 SE also in standby mode as when talking to Nick at Sonic Frontiers, he mentioned that the current running through the tubes is about 10% of when the pre is turned on. Also,
1. I listen to my stereo every day,
2. Turning something on/off repeatedly serves to add wear and tear,
3. Tubes sound better after being fully up and running. There is less time to reach this equilibrium when in standby mode.