Sonic Frontiers pre-amps

Anybody out there fmaillar with the Sonic Frontiers line of pre-amps?Has a phase inversion feature I'd like and have found only on Bryston and BAT equipment.But wondering if anybody can tell me the difference pbetween the SFS series and the Model 1,2 and 3 that came out afterwards.Also has anybody compared the cost to quality ratios of the Model 1,Model 2 and Model 3?More tube and bigger power supplies as one steps up.I am inclined to think that latter pre-amps were better but unsure of this.Know that Anthem/Parts connection gives support to these pre-amps but wondering if anybody has sent there equipment for upgrades to somebody else.I wonder why the line which was very highly regarded (think SFS-2 was class A in stereophile) went south.But it's a pretty competitive marketplace and perhaps there was just more money to be made with the more modest Anthem line.Anybody with any info it would be much appreciated.Bryston just does not flip my switches since it's SS and BAT well seems like better value might be had since prices are lower for this older line of requipment.Thinking of mating it with a Krell KPA SS phono stage though again if anybody has or has had the phono stage I'd like to hear about them.Again any insights appreciated.
Email Chris Johnson or better yet call him directly, he will answer your questions.

I think this is the number:

10am-6pm (Mon-Fri) EST
Toll Free: 1-866-681-9602
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I own a SF Line 3 and had it upgraded to Signature (SE) about a year ago. Yes they still fix and support the SF equipment. I love this pre amp.

Got curious about new designs and have been auditioning other preamps. For full disclosure I own a Krell KSA200s amp, Revel Studio Speakers, and a Sony 777EX SACD/CD player. So far...
BAT VK-51se - had this for a week. Its a very nice sounding preamp, but I would not trade the Line 3 for it. BAT has better base, not as good high end, better sound stage by a smidge, and what surprised me is not as musical (I guess I'm focusing on the harmonic structure of the music.) The two have about the same dynamics both micro and overall.
Now have a Calypso....Next an Ayre k-1x so stay tuned.
I also have an SF Line 3 special edition (which I purchased new) and am very happy with it (and that's at NEW prices). To find one today on the 'gon for half or less than list is a real steal for this 2 chassis wonder. Keis please keep us updated about your ongoing comparisons with other preamps... it's much appreciated. If anything with comparable sonics, build quality and tremendously user friendly features exists out there I would be curious, otherwise I'll just stay a very happy camper for a while. Thanks and good listening.
Spent 5 days with the Calypso on loan. It is so close to the Line 3 SE that its amazing. Calyspo is a single chases, much lighter, only 4 tubes and a mix of RCA and XLR in/outputs.

Since the SF pre is what 5 years older technology or at least design and the Calyspo is getting lots of raves its interesting that the old Line 3 hold its own.

Calypso has a better remote (I don't like having to cycle through the inputs on the SF remote) Cheap plastic vs the metal hocky puck but better functionality. No volume control on the Calypso. Don't lose the remote because you can't operate the preamp without it. Both display the db level.

Sound wise if I were buying one or the other I'd buy the Calypso because it has a better high end...smoother and more harmonically pleasing. You get a little less listening fateage (sp?). The Calypso has about the same sound stage, depth of presentation and mid range as the L3 SE. The Line 3 has more punch and a more powerful bass.

I'd like to make the point that these statements about one better then the other are really close calls. I get more sonic difference when I move my speakers 6 inches and toe them in 20 degrees.

So I wouldn't call the Calypso an upgrade in any sense either functionally or sonically. Its a very good product however.

My system includes: Sony 777EX SACD/CD player, Sonic Frontiers Line 3 SE, Krell KSA-200s, and Revel Solon speakers. All interconnects and speaker cables are Alpha Core Silver (mostly Micro Perl) I listen mostly to classical and jazz music.
Not sure if I could handle the Calypso if it's a remote only job.It may be that my Kora Eclipse burries the SF in sound quality but I miss having front panel controls.Going by alll th reviews I have a pre that once listed for over $5K though it was lowered to $3600.One of the definte pluses of the Eclipse is thought it's tube it's solid state phono card has both a MM and a MC input.Perhaps what I should do is remove the EAR integrated and use the Elcipse with a dcent amp but I have sold my good amps (had a Krell Intergrated as well liked it's sound with bass but mids were metallic).Wihs I still had my Mesa Baron.But thought that keeping EAR and getting Krell KPA was way to go (finacing the KPA wih the Kora) since I want more than two carts.The KPA would have two inputs but more importantly have front controls for setting for quick set of third arm/cart to go with my VPI).But if I stay with two carts I could maybe do better with what I have.I just know that phase inversion can nmake a big difference with certain recordings.Decisions decisons.Thank you all for the input.
I have SFL-3 from few month and before I try so many preamplifier.I don't think thao Calypso is better then SFL-3,maybe the interconnect cable from Preamp to Amplifier and source is not so good.Please my friends,try to use a Transparent cable for all connection and tell me about the result.All my best regards,Alberto
I have had the line 1,2& 3 in my system. I owned a 1 & auditioned a 2&3.There was a significant improvement in bass,soundstage etc.when I tried the 2.The differences between the 2&3 were not as dramatic.The bass was deeper & tighter but other then that they were very close. The rest of my system is a pair of Krell mono's,Electrocompaniet cd player& Martin Logan speakers.I have had the Line 3 in my system for 3 years now & it will be there quite a few more years because I am very happy with the way it sounds.
Why would you need the phase inversion function?
I beleive the SFL-2 have a phase inversion switch