Sonic Frontiers Power series

How many owners out there have opened the bottom panel and changed the impedance themselves? How easy or how difficult is it? I called SF and they said anyone who could operate a screw driver could do this job, true?
I've done it twice. It is a real bother but not technically or physically difficult.
It was a piece of cake.

It was factory set @ 4 ohms, using the diagram in the owners manual I changed it to 8 ohms and never looked back.
I did it before, it's so simple a three year old can do it. Take the screws out, change the jumpers, put the screws back. Piece of cake.
Could not be any simpler. Your manual describes exactly what is required to perform this simple conversion. If you are hesitant about performing this procedure, then I would suggest that you take the amp to the store in which you purchased it and have them perform this modest service. If you indeed bought the amp from an audio store, I doubt that they would charge you for this 5-minute, no fuss, setup in the spirit of customer support.