Sonic Frontiers Power 2 SE opinions please.

l was hoping for some advice from current/past owners of the SF Power 2. l live in Australia and have found a Power 2SE with KT88's for sale for US$2700 that is really tempting.

My speakers are efficent (96db) but dip to 2 ohms and have a nominal impedance of 3 ohms. Fortunatley the Power 2 has a 2ohm tap.

How good is the amp,and what would you compare it to value wise? Am l correct that SF gone out of business? Could l do better for the same money?

Cheers Mondie
Neutral, detailed, well built. Not a warm-ish tube sound. Sonic Frontiers is no more, but at least some of the same staff are at Parts Connection in Canada (I may not be spelling it right). It's difficult to predict how any amp will deal with such low impedences without trying it. You should receive a substantial discount for the fact that SF is no longer in business. SE is the special edition with upgraded parts and upgraded (original) tubes.
If you like the tonal balance this is an excellent amp and it will easily drive your speakers. Value wise $2700 is borderline in MHO. Repair wise Parts Express can repair if necessary - they have one of SF experts there. Service wise these are built like tanks and ordinarily you will have no problems EXCEPT there are no fuses to protect the bias resistors in the event a power tube shorts out. If that occurs you are likely to take out a bias resistor (not an unusual situation in a lot of high end tube amps including ARC). If you have a schematic and are handy with a soldering tool you can easily fix it. If not make sure you have a local techie who can do it for you - it would cost more than a few bucks to ship this amp off to repairs (the shipping would probably cost more than the repairs). Also, if you get this amp give serious consideration to using Svet (SED) 6550's - they are far more stable and are the ones which SF recommended. I have SFM 160s and have yet to have a 6550 short out (althought other tubes have). Many of the available KT88's are not all that stable, except for the Sovtek's and EH's whose sound is not to everyone's taste. Listen to it first, see if you can get local service....if its still a go try to drive down the price. In the USA I'd think 2200 to 2300 would be a good price. Don't know what the value would be down under.
Thanks for the replys :)

To give you an idea on price, the Power 2SE cost US$6k in the states but US$10k in Oz so l think its pretty good value here. It comes with a new set of matched KT88's too that sweetens the deal.

l think its worth trying to arrange an audition with my system it seems to be a well respected amp.

Worth an audition, yes.
One of the best amp in the world.
Its'n a question,solid state or tubes,is the result.
Dinamic,detailed,big bass,lovely mid and high,great sounstage,but above all musical and pleasant.
Never pimp like same triode tube amp that now are fashionable.
Piero Italy
I found that the 6550 tube types provided more dynamic and neutrality and the KT88 types gave sweet tube sound in my Power 2 amp.