Sonic Frontiers Power 2 bridged

Can these amps be bridged or bi-amped in pairs?
Without modification, the SF Power cannot be operated in a bridged mono mode. SF makes an amp for this purpose named the Power 3.
I already own a Power 2, and have come across another at a reasonable price, so was wondering about the merit of acquiring it and bridging them. So are you saying the Power 3 can be bridged in pairs? Or just that the Power 3 alone will achieve the same power as a bridged pair of 2's?
Contact Parts Connexion. Chris Johnson will have the answers to all your questions. Hope this helps
The Power 3 is basicaly a pair of Power 2 designed to operate as mono blocks. Instead of buying another Power 2, you would be better off selling your Power 2 and buying a used pair Power 3 mono amps.
I have been looking for a Power 3 for a couple of years now and have yet to find one. A Power 2 however is readily available and for as little as $1500, so I was thinking if they can be mono blocked, that would be a good way to go.
I'm not sure if I am understanding however, if it can or can't be. I was under the impression pretty much any amp can be hooked up in a bridged mono block fashion.
I have spoken to Chris Johnson before and he wants to sell me the upgrade kit for the Power 2. I don't blame him for that, but that isn't what I am looking for.
In stock form the Power 2's stereo outputs cannot be bridge into mono. I guess a capable tech could perform a circuit modification to allow mono operation, but since the guts of the Power 2 are on a circuit board as oppose to point-to-point wiring this may pose an additional challenge.
Ok thanks for getting back to me. It looks like I keep looking for a Power 3 or go in another direction.
I have the Cambridge 840W pair, so maybe I indulge my bridged mono lusting with those and stick with the Power 2.
There is another option. Instead of bridging, there is paralleling. Essentially, just jumper the inputs together with a xlr or rca splitter and the jumper the outputs (L+ to R+ and L- to R-). This will double the watts and be better for low impedance speakers. Sometimes requires a small (1-2 ohm) resistor between outputs but that's usually for SS amps without output transformers. Might need to change impedance setup on underside. Confirm with Chris at PCX before trying.