Sonic Frontiers Power 2

I am currently considering an upgrade to my amp (McCormack DNA .5) and would like to hear from anyone with experience of the SF Power 2. I own a BAT VK D5, Sonic Frontiers Line 1 and B&W Nautilus 805 with audioquest interconnects and speaker cables . My listening room is not that big so I dont necessarily need a lot of power but thought the SF combo may work well together particularly with balanced I/C. I see a lot of SF Power 2's for sale 2nd hand at reasonable prices but am not sure if this is a good thing. Does the large number of these amps on the used market indicate a problem. I have gathered from some reviews written that the Power 2 has a slightly fat midbass and may have some transformer hum issues. Any thoughts? (Even McCormack/SF line 1 produce small amount of angry insect noise - am getting a PS power plant to help with this). I am just beginning my search and could just as easily look at Audio Research VT100 or even other solid state. Any help from SF owners or other combinations I should consider with Line 1 would be appreciated.
Hi Audioq, I have used the McCormack DNA-1DX, DNA.5, and now DNA-2DX; first with SF SFL-1 pre-amp and now the SF Line 2. I think that McCormack amps with Sonic Frontiers pre-amps are a very synergistic combination. And I recently purchased a SF Line 1 (for a 2nd system) that sounds just as good. The McCormack amps are sweet and have excellent bass control while the SF tube pre-amps add smoothness and take the edge out of CDs. My suggestion: consider having Steve McCormack upgrade your DNA.5. He has three up-grade packages and can be reached at, (or is it just The SF Line 1 and 2 sound remarkably alike, with the Line 1 being a little bit brighter (in a good way), and the Line 2 a little more "relaxed and laid back", on balance, I prefer the Line 2 for it's ease and more relaxed music character. I've never been impressed with the ability of tube amps to control bass, but I guess it depends on the kind of music you listen to, and your preferences. If you really must have a new amp, the McCormack DNA-2DX is fantastic, and can drive anything-- I claearly preferred it to Levinson 331. Happy hunting.
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Hi, I have not heard the Power 2, but I have read that many people do not find it musically involving. Very accurate though. I guess it depends on your taste. See the web site Sonic Frontiers itself has quite a few reviews on it's web site. I own a set of Sonic Frontiers SFM-160 160 watt monoblocks, and I like them quite a bit. In reviews they are characterized as warm and tubey sounding compared to the Power series. I think they have wonderful mids and very good bass control. I run them with a passive preamp and Audio Physic Virgos, and I don't hear any hum at all. Those reports might be due to cables. I know when I first got them they hummed a little. When I replaced my cheap non-termininated copper speaker cables with high quality ones (with terminators!), the hum went away. I have listened to an Audio Research VT100 Mk2, and I think it is the best amplifier I have heard. Just beautiful euphonic sound. I couldn't justify the cost however. They go for about 3200-3500 used, and 5000 new. Another thing I didn't like was it's lack of biasing meters. The SF line all have built in bias meters. It takes about 2 minutes to bias both amps. The build quality of both AR and SF is excellent. You might want to take a listen to the VTL amplifiers. They are a little more lean sounding, but very good sounding. Take care, John.
...get Linn Klout amp for about 2K and your problem would be solved. It applies the same(similar) power supply as as THE BEST AMP EVER: "KLIMAX" and they say: " amp is as good as it's power supply"
A few weeks ago I purchased a Anthem Amp 2 hybrid. Its 200 watts 8 ohms and has 2 input tubes. This amp connected to maggies 1.6 is just incredible. ss dynamics with smooth tube like highs. Definetely should be on anyones audition list.