Sonic Frontiers Power 1 good deal or foolish?

I am contemplating purchasing a Sonic Frontiers Power 1 amp, for several reasons, although I have never heard one.
(1) I have read several reviews that say this amp is very neutral and almost solid state like. This is the same that is said about ARC gear and I like the way they sound.
(2) I have also heard that the build quality is good and they are easier to bias as compared to the ARC gear. Since I am new to tubes I consider ease of maintenance a plus.
(3) The price is lower new than what I can pay for used ARC gear.

My concerns are that I generally do not trust reviews and have never heard this product. Unfortunately there are no local dealers for me to audition the equipment. In addition the company no longer makes any products, will they honor the warranty if there are problems? More importantly will they have the parts if there is a problem since they are completely out of the tube business? Will they have technicians who can fix any potential problems?
Your opinions would be greatly appreciated if this is foolish of me to consider purchasing?
Hi Meby; The SF Power 1 would not be a "foolish" purchase, and Sonic Frontiers is not totally out of the "tube business". They are temporarily not producing new product-- as I understand it, but could re-start if they want to. They have temporarily shifted their emphasis to AV equipment.

I just sent my SF Line 2 tube pre-amp to them for upgrade to the SE level, and had no trouble making the arrangements.

About a year ago I bought a Power 2 and listened with it for 30 days (and I think the Power 1 has a very similar sonic signature-- just 1/2 the power), and you're right-- these amps are pretty neutral rather than "tubey" or euphonic. The Power 2 has a very smooth and nice mid-range and low treble, and was very non-fatiguing, but it did not have good bass control or articulation like a good SS amp has-- although bass was plenty deep. When I put my McCormack DNA2DX (300wpc) back in my system, I definitely preferred the McCormack and sold the Power 2-- but then I listen to a lot of hard driving R&R and rhythmic music.

If you really want a good tube amp, the SFs are smooth, liquid, and non-fatiging, and are good amps. Personally, I'd call SF and ask them about their capability to service their existing products-- ask for Frank Pugliano, Tech Rep. Good Luck. Craig
Meby if you can swing a good price it might be worth a try, because then you can probably resell reasonably. I suggest the reselling now, because when I auditioned the Power 1 I didn't at all care for it, but I did not take the time to experiment to find the properly matching cabling & AC cord. It is probably better than what I heard (without optimization) but that dealer still had the same amp for sale a couple of years later, if that tells you anything, & he was agressively discounting even when I tried it.
I know a guy that just bought one new in the box and it is the best buy I have seen for the price. It sounds amazing on his vandersteens.

He got it at Upscale Audio and I have bought something from them myself (a Cd player) and they are very strong on service. I think it has a five year warranty, and Sonic Frontiers/Anthem is part of Paradygm which is probably safer than many small companies.

I look at it this way. I have never bought a tube amp. But if I did, being my first, I would want new tubes and if possible a new product, and a dealer. He got his amp so cheap he can re-sell it for little loss. You can't say that about new gear from most companies. It's an opportunity in my eyes.
Dont hesitate.There is little growth in the tube market for the time being.SF have shiffted thier focus to the HT market with the Anthem line.I also belive they will be comming out with some high end SF HT gear.
They are not out of the tube bussiness and have added shifted former Parts Connection staff over the the sales and service side.
i have a power 1 in my video. i like it. i think it would be a good purchase. i have seen a few on hear really cheap.
Buy it, plug it in, and enjoy it. Once you start mentioning audio and investment in the same sentence, you're doomed!! SFI is well known for their parts and build quality. Service will not be a problem.